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The ALISIA ENCO ponchos, the core piece of our cold season, offer an answer to a dilemma every woman has to face during this period: how can we have both the elegance of a business piece and the comfort of a warm fabric that can protect us from the ever-changing weather, in a single piece of clothing?

The beauty of this piece sits in the countless possibilities in which it can be worn and reinvented so it can represent you with style, in any context: between two meetings, at the office, or in your free time. The ALISIA ENCO poncho will be the element that subtly complements your attire or, on the contrary, it can be a statement accessory, a unique mix of lightness and elegance.

Available in a variety of colors, cut in front and made of materials of the highest quality, you can wear the ALISIA ENCO ponchos successfully over any business attire, whether you want to bring out a particular collar of a shirt worn under them or by adding a belt and creating a complete look.

The ALISIA ENCO poncho is made of 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic.

The merino wool, one of the finest, softest and most comfortable types of wool, is a high quality natural material that retains warmth excellently, while allowing the skin to breathe. It doesn't trigger allergies, it keeps its shape even after being stretched and it’s one of the best thermal insulating material, as it helps keeping an optimal body temperature.

Acrylic is a synthetic material that resembles wool, extremely light and strong, it doesn’t wrinkle easily and it can help maintain warmth. It’s also very fine and it has the advantage that it can be easily washed without damaging the material and the colors.

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